Seattle Divorce Lawyer Handling Washington Divorce Cases
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Welcome to Washington Divorce Attorney Services for your comprehensive family law and divorce needs. My office is located in Bellevue, WA.

I aim to provide affordable representation to the court. I process agreed, uncontested divorces throughout Washington State and actively represent clients in court in Pierce, King, and Snohomish counties in custody, visitation, child support, paternity and domestic violence issues, and routinely represent active duty service members.

So often access to the judicial system can be prohibitive due to cost. Part of providing affordable access is accomplished through technology with my agreed divorce portal. For agreed divorce cases all Washington state is served. If you live distant from Seattle, my online software system provides completely easy processing for all Washington state cities for low-cost, agreed divorce filings. For contested / litigated cases ("custody battles" for example), I spend time with clients to discuss their objectives, explain what reasonably can be accomplished through the litigation process, and discuss realistically the investment to you in terms of time and money in the objectives you are hoping to accomplish.

I strive to provide individualized attention to each of my client's cases. This means being prompt with returning phone calls, keeping clients informed regarding the status of their case, and working together to insure the client's objectives and needs are being represented adequately to their satisfaction.

I understand that divorce is a difficult and stressful time in your life. I offer the skilled legal support you need to obtain a resolution that meets your present and future needs. Divorce law can often be high conflict and stressful for all parties involved. Often, a divorce is a person's first contact with the legal system. My hope is to diffuse your stress by being available to you, educating you about the system and being realistic with your expectations. Sometimes, conflict can be avoided through a collaborative law process. I employ a variety of methods to resolve family law cases, including litigation, mediation, and collaboration. Other times, litigation is the only solution. In either case, I am prepared to tailor a game plan that will meet your needs in terms of aggressively resolving your legal issue in a manner that is cost effective.

My law firm works to reduce conflict in difficult or complex divorce settlements. We help you achieve long term solutions that address your unique needs, so you can feel secure.

Most questions about Washington Divorce law and procedure (RCW 26.09) are found within the site. My position on two parents at war over their children is as follows: I judge everything from the eyes of the children. Men and women use different methods to commit the same crime of Parental Alienation (which can be a syndrome as well) in Washington State, but experience within a particular jurisdiction's court system is necessary to get realistic advice on tactics and chances of freeing up the child. I have also created brief Washington divorce Court video tutorials for those who must submit evidence on behalf of friends or family members.

Most questions about Washington Divorce law and procedure (RCW 26.09) are found within this site. My position on parents at war over their children is very simple: I judge everything from the eyes of the child. Men and women use different methods to commit the same crime of Parental Alienation, but experience within a particular jurisdiction's court system is necessary to get realistic advices on tactics and chances of freeing up the child from this.

For people who need to discuss their situation a little more in depth I offer a low, flat fee $185 Diagnosis of your divorce, custody, or property division problems.

Can't find your spouse, or think they will just ignore the Court papers or divorce forms even if personally served?  In that case the procedure is a Washington state default divorce which I handle for $895.00. Do you need to divide a 401(k), retirement or pension? You are required to have a QDRO (qualified domestic relations order). Because these are complex and every employer has different requirements, I charge an extra $275.00 for this if I am also doing your agreed divorce filing. If not, the QDRO is $395.00.

Annulment, Divorce, & Legal Separation.  Can you get an  annullment under WA state law?  Are Prenuptial agreements and Meretricious relationships valid in Washington?   Do you wish to file for paternity and obtain custody or visitation? Even if it is joint-custody or non supervised visitation? If the genetic test comes back showing that you are the father you have a right to custody and/or visitation with the child. If the paternity test shows you are not the father because she is cheating you can get rid of most of your child support obligation but the rules regarding back child-support and paternity are complex: you would be hard-pressed to file the action/lawsuit without a lawyer. Want a real world explanation of how to serve your spouse the divorce papers in Washington? At the bottom of the previous page on "how to serve" we have more information regarding service by mail or publication.

If you have a Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) filed against you, politics can sometimes enter into the situation and you may have a combined divorce and criminal law matter. Have you been charged with DV and are risking unfair supervised visiation with your children? Just read carefully here about how I can help you solve your confusing problem with either yourself or a lying/exaggerating spouse. Who has gained an advantage through false allegations of domestic violence contained in a Petition for a protection order; or through deceiving police officers who responded to a 911 call that was orchestrated at just the right time. Click the links which follow to learn more about what I can do for you as your lawyer (or in the context of their less serious cousin, as your restraining order lawyer) To protect your children and safeguard their vital relatinship with you from an angry, psychologically unstable, or vindictive spouse. Whether the problem is simple exaggerations or outright/bald-face lies, he or she does not need a lawyer to use a protection order or restreaining order to decrease visitation with your children, or even force you to do uncalled for and unnecessary supervised visitation.

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Seattle Divorce Lawyer Handling Washington Divorce Cases  
Cities Served For Agreed Divorces Span All Washington city and county regions such as Spokane, Yakima, Everett, Bellingham, Bellevue, Burien, Battleground, Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue and Bothell. To serve as your child custody attorney, or for contested divorce matters such as changing Washington State Child support orders, parenting plan trial or litigation hearings, contempt for denial of visitation or custody rights, in such cases nomally I take them in the Seattle, Everett, and Tacoma.

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