Leeds thought Bubble Festival!
Posted on Tuesday 8th November 2011
Hello there!

Is anyone planning on going to this years Thought Bubble Festival? here's a link to info about the festival http://thoughtbubblefestival.com

I personally won't be able to go (sadness) buuuuut, I thought it would be a good idea if anyone who will be going could give a shout out as it were so you can meet up with anyone else from the society, and we'll know who to stalk for embarrassing pictures!
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Manga and Comic artists ahoy!
Posted on Friday 21st October 2011
I gave an announcement last week for any budding manga comic artists who might like to create a short piece for a comic/short story/etc. anthology which will be part of a charity fundraiser on behalf of Oxfam (see, it's for a good cause!!).

Well, alas but whilst there still isn't a blog or website about it (grrr...), here's a link to the Oxfam facebook group http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000055048839. The manager's name is Emma Cooney so drop her a message or a post and she'll get back to you.
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Voting results!
Posted on Sunday 2nd October 2011
The votes are in!

For the short series we will be showing Angel Beats which won by a landslide ^^

The long series vote came out really really close - there were only 7 votes between the first and last place! - but just nudging ahead were Toradora and Azumanga Daioh.

So look out for more of these three shows at our next screening in a couple of weeks' time!
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We're back! Welcome Week events
Posted on Sunday 11th September 2011
Hey everyone! A new academic year is almost upon us, which means Welcome Week, and hopefully lots of new members!

We have a stall in the main room at the Welcome Fair (20-22 September) so come along anytime to see us, say hi and sign up.

Then our first event of the year, the Welcome Screening, will be taking place in the Council Chambers on the top floor of the Student Union building from 1-5 pm on Friday 23rd, where we'll be showing Summer Wars and The Cat Returns. We hope to see a lot of new faces there, and for anyone who misses signing up at the fair we'll have sign-up sheets there too ^^

Following the film screening, we have a house party at the new MUJS (mostly) boys' house that same evening - that's 14 Kensington Avenue, with a nice link to Google Maps ^^ We'll be leading new members there after the screening, aiming to arrive around 6pm-ish to get comfortable, maybe eat a nice takeaway dinner and generally get to know each other ^^ Then from 8pm onwards the event opens up to everyone and, well, you guys know the drill XD Party!

And finally (for now!) our usual buffet lunch at Tai Wu at 12pm Saturday 24th - if you're new and don't know where that is yet, don't worry because we'll be meeting on the steps outside the students' union at 11:30am to walk down together ^^ The buffet will cost around £6 per person. Following the meal we'll also be doing a short tour of places in town that sell anime + manga-related goods, to help all our lovely new members find their way around.

Events will all be posted on Facebook too - if you're not already, you can join our group to get automatic invites to all events as they go up. And check out our IRC channel for all your chatroom needs!

So we look forward to seeing all of you soon, let's make this a great year in MUJS! ^^

Sara King

((PS - Doki Doki are still looking for runners for the day events, so if you think you might want to help out definitely take a look ^^))
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End of exams. End of this years council. But a few events.
Posted on Friday 20th May 2011
Hey guys!

So we have reached the end of this uni year and my word has it been a good one! We've had events galore and some fantastic memories. But we haven't finished just yet because we have two more events to wrap up the year.

MUJS End of Exams BBQ :: Thursday 9th June 1pm
We'll be heading down to Whitworth Park to celebrate the end of exams by throwing some dead animals and plants on some mildly warm portable BBQs. A great way to relax after all that stress!

MUJS End of Year Pub-Crawl :: Saturday 11th June 1pm
Starting in Fallowfield, we'll be spending the afternoon drinking our way towards town to go out of MUJS 2010/11 with a bang. Wish friends well before heading home for the summer!

We can't wait to see you at them guys. And until then, we wish all of you with exams the very best of luck.

And I should have done this a lot sooner but now is the time for me to post who shall be running the Manchester University Japanimation Society 2011/12!
Chair: Sara King
Secretary: Florence Okoye
Treasurer: Alex Dicker
Librarian: Colin Mc Caughan

We wish you the best of luck guys. It's a tough job managing this lot but it's an experience you'll never forget. :)

And on behalf of the MUJS council 2010/11 may I thank everyone for all their help and support over the past year. We've had a wonderful time organizing events for you and like to think we haven't messed up completely. We hope you've all had as much fun this year as we have. Here's to the next!

Thanks to everyone.
James and all the MUJS council 2010/11
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